Jack Brothers

For hard mode on the Title Screen press: Right 6 times, Left 3 times, Right 6 times

To play as Pixie (the little fairy thing): Go to the password screen and enter 4649. When you enter the 9 at the end hold L + R + Select + A all at the same time. To use one of her passwords (see below) do the same code but use the password you want in place of 4649.

Level# Pixie Hard/Easy Jack O'Lantern Jack Skelton Jack Skelton Hard Jack Frost
2 1118 4965 0248 9730 3267
3 1708 5923 2745 0385 8453
4 1224 0919 9537 4169 1309
5 1917 2827 3598 6228 7285
6 5963 6313 0531 0903 6378

Panic Bomber

For a special game against all the bosses, enter the password "1298".

For the Bonus Boss (Ms. Flashy) Beat Count Dracu-Boom in the first 3 rounds of the fight.

Level Easy Normal
Sinister Forest 6835 2695
Desert of Desolation 9081 1038
Doom Castle 2473 6934
Star Medal 4390
Moon Medal 3281
Sun Medal 5607

Virtual League Baseball (USA)

Todo: Make a grid of all possible teams against all possible teams...

Country Miracle Team Password Galaxy Team Password
USA 0(club)(club) 43 00(club)43
Japan 6(club)804 60904
Cuba 2(club)414
Singapore !(club)083
Australia ?(club)083
France (spade)(club) 882
Germany (club)(club) 281
UK (diamond)(club)!(spade)1
Canada 10(diamond)03
Taiwan 70?43
Russia (club)0302
Italy 01102

Mario's Tennis

Harder Game - Sent in by Brian Churchhill. At the title screen type L, L, R, L, R, Select for a harder level.

Super Serve - Sent in by David Dayton, Press A+B to perform a more powerful serve.

Play as Wario and Rush - Submitted by Frank Demarco (spidaat18@aol.com), Beat the game on singles 5 times with Mario, 5 times with Luigi, and 5 times with Donkey Kong. You will now be able to play as Wario and Rush (Mega Man's dog.)

Super Serve 2 - Submitted by DeatH KnighT (DawgPound@hotmail.com), When its your turn to serve, throw it up with the A button, wait two seconds, then slam it with B. If you did it right you should hear like a whistling sound as it goes over the net.

Super Serve 3 - Submitted by The Game Guru, When you're serving, through the ball up with A or B. Wait a second, then smash the ball by pressing Up and A as you would for an overhead smash. If you did it right, you will hear a sound like an overhead smash.

Unstoppable - Submitted by Mike Hume, If you play one of the smallest character's (Koopa troopa or Toad), you get a diving skill that you can you's by holding the direction (Left or right) and the by pressing A button you'll dive in that direction saving the ball from getting past you. Weather you be a singles or a doubles match if you stay right above the divider line you can dive and hit or tap over, even long bomb the ball as far as you can while keeping it in bounds.  The only way the ball can get past you is when the computer does a every now and then long hit from the net, which rarely happens. (even no if it get's behind you your teammate will nab it for you) Doing this will make you a unstoppable tennis pro.

Red Alarm

Hidden Items and Bonuses - Sent in by David Dayton

Level 1

Level 2

Level 4

Level 6

Telero Boxer

Practice Mode - Start your game as normal and wait for the animated sequence to begin. Before the match starts you can take a few practice punches. To control your opponent, use the left and right triggers.

Perfect Record - Sent in by David Dayton, You can't fight the final robot unless you have 0 losses. If you lose a fight, turn the Virtual Boy off then on again before the YOU LOSE screen appears, and your loss will not be recorded!

Special Strategies - Sent in by David Dayton, For the Bomb Bot, hit him until he begins blinking, then use power upper cuts. For the Kangaroo, throw upper cuts nonstop. You might get hit occasionally, but you will win in the long run.

Beat the Cat - Submitted by Jeremie Taylor, After you beat the game without any losses you will have to be prepared to fight the CAT BOSS. When he throws a punch block it the punch opposite of him. If he punches towards your face, you punch towards his mid-section. It takes a while to wear him down, but if done correctly you'll be a the Telero Boxer Champion!

Beat the Second Boxer - Submitted by Seth Farley (ojr@mindspring.com), To defeat the second boxer, keep your guard up until he ducks his dead down by his waist. Wait for him to try a hook, and immediately block it. If you're successful he'll be stunted. Take advantage of his condition with a punch to the gut.

Beat the Third Boxer - Submitted by balla@octet.com Whenever he goes down then hits you from the side do the red hand uppercut. The rest of the time block his moves.

Mario Clash

Highlight the "Level" option on the Title screen and press left to start at level 40.

Wario Land

Press A, B, A(2), B(2) at the main menu, to select the level. (does not work!)

Harder Game - Compete the game with all the treasures for expert mode, compete it again to view the hidden message.

Special Ending - Sent in by David Dayton, If you have all the treasures and beat the normal game quickly, you will get a special ending (Wario flies off on his carpet as usual, but he takes a woman with him! Unusual for Nintendo.) I beat the game in 1 hour and 3 minutes to get this ending, but I'm not sure what the time limit is. Perhaps another new ending awaits one who quickly finishes the second quest?.

Beat the Final Boss - Submitted by vb-master@netlinkworld.com, In order to beat the last boss, you need to hit him in the nose about five times. After you hit him, he'll jump into the air. Run to either corner and wait for him to descend. When he's about to land again, run to the other corner. (If he is in the corner, his hands can't hurt you.) Now wait until he starts moving and breathes fire. Pay attention to which way he is going because you need to jump to the back platform as soon as he starts moving again after breathing fire. You will hit him every time using this trick. He will speed up after 3 hits, but just be patient and you will get him.

Easy Money - Submitted by Kevino, In level 10, there are jars that you throw and if they land right-side up, you get money. Well,Here is an easier way of getting money from it. Grab a jar and toss it. If it doesn't land right-side up and a little guy will pop out and bounce around the room. When he pops out, DO NOT KILL HIM! While he is away from where he can hurt you, grab the jar and throw it again. Then a coin will come out. Kill the little dude and repeat the process. P.S.:This doesn't work on EVERY try.


Super Player - Sent in by David Dayton, Create a player named |Hacker| and you will hit the ball about 150-190 yards further than usual..

Galactic Pinball

Skull Bonus - Submitted by Jar Jar Binks, Pick the UFO table. At the top there are four lanes. Get the ball in all four lanes and it will say "bumper bonus". Now shoot the ball at the middle bumper to make a skull come down. If you can shoot a ball in his mouth you'll get 2 million points. If you do it three times in a row you'll get the jackpot 9 million bonus!

Samus mini-game, Hit the ball into the top-right part of the Cosmic board with the bumpers. Start the "Bumper Clash" sequence and hit all the bumpers to start a Samus mini-game. The S symbol from Super Metroid will appear in place of the bumpers, and the phrase "Let's Go, Samus" will be spoken. The ball will transform into the Samus' ship, with the goal of shooting metroids and other targets while the Super Metroid theme is played.

Virtual Boy Tricks

Turn on the VB with a game in place, Press Left, B, Down, A, Up on D-Pad2. The alignment grid will appear.

In game Reset: Press A + B + Select + Start + [Left Trigger] + [Right Trigger]