Reality Boy (Beta 0.84) Win32 The Virtual Boy Emulator! (NEW)

The Virtual Boy Emulator source code, use at your own risk.
Reality Boy Emulator Source Code (Beta 0.84)
Reality Boy Emulator Source Code (Beta 0.83)
Reality Boy Emulator Source Code (Beta 0.82)
Reality Boy Emulator Source Code (Beta 0.81)
Reality Boy Emulator Source Code (Beta 0.80)
Reality Boy Emulator Source Code (Beta 0.70)

Affine Demo's - Demonstrate how to handle affine mode effects.

VB Display wrap Demo - a little program I wrote that runs on a real VB, this is designed to test out display wraping for all world combinations. (new)

VB Demo1 - a little demo I wrote that runs on a real Virtual Boy, this is a Work In Progress keep that in mind.

Virtual Pong - The first home brewed game for the VB brought to you by the Virtual-E team

The unofficial Virtual Boy Programmers manual - an attempt by me to summarize all that is known about the VB.

GCC 2.95 for V810 and Virtual Boy - A port of the GCC compiler to the V810 processor, with Virtual Boy extensions. This is a source code distribution, you have to compile it on Linux or in Cygwin

Virtual Boy reprogramable cartridge schematics - 32_pin_cart.pdf and 4x_pin_cart.pdf

'TC538200AFT' and 'TC5316200AFT' Pinout of the Rom used in a Virtual Boy cart.

VBRoms - A Summary of the Known Virtual Boy Roms, swiped from

VB Game Instructions - Instructions for the various Virtual Boy Games (just the controller mapping for now), very Incomplete.

Wario Land Instructions - The full Warioland manual. Written by Jesse.

Mario Tennis Instructions - The full Mario Tennis manual. Written by Jesse.

VB Controller to Parallel Port adapter - Instructions on hooking up a VB controller to the parallel port, for Use with SNESKey.  Look at this image for more info.

VB Rom Info - Probes your rom for Title and other Info, can decode the Kanji Script titles.  Written by Zigor.

VB Link Info - A collection of emails I wrote to certain individuals about the Link cable, maybe someone can use this to figure out the link cable.